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Three things that will improve your puppy’s behavior, according to an expert trainer

Trainer shares some simple things you can do to help your puppy master new skills and behaviors that much quicker

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Rottweiler Doesn't Know How To React To Getting A New Puppy

Kimberly introduced Dozer to the tiny new puppy, Daisy, but it didn't quite go as expected.

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Dog's Hilarious 'Deadbeat Dad' Reaction to Meeting His Puppies Goes Viral

Commenting on the dog's hilarious response to meeting his new pups, one fan wrote: "He went to go buy milk…"

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Why Do Dogs Chew | Safe Dog Chew Toys

Why do dogs chew, and why do some chew more than others? There are 3 main reasons why they do, so make sure you're equipped with safe chew toys.

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Puppies Are Born Ready to Communicate With Humans

A new study finds very young dogs with little human contact can understand pointing gestures—and that the ability has a strong genetic basis

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Health Benefits of Walking Dogs: Ten Steps for Pups and Pet Owners

The health benefits of walking dogs are positive for dogs and pet owners. Read on to discover ten health benefits of walking dogs here.

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10 Training Tips for Any Kind of Dog

It doesn’t matter if you’re training a retriever, hound, pointer, spaniel, or a doodle dog whose only job will be to not chew your slippers and make it outside to go to the bathroom. All dogs learn the same, and all dogs have inherited drives to perform c

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Dragon Toy Reads to Puppies During Adorable Story Time - Nerdist

Litter of golden retriever puppies were totally invested in their special guest reader, a talking stuffed animal named Dalton the Storytelling Dragon.

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17 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Puppy

What you think raising a puppy is like is probably not at all what raising a puppy is like.

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Clever puppy escapes his house and then rings the doorbell to get back in

A puppy managed to escape his home, but then figured out how to ring the doorbell to get back inside.

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Man Senses Someone Watching Him — And Finds The Cutest Spies - The Dodo

“A lot of times I don’t even realize they’re there. I just turn around and there’s a snout sticking out from under the fence.”

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The cure for obesity, heart disease, and anxiety? Puppies! | Fox News

Researchers just discovered a simple way to fight obesity, heart disease, and mental illness – by giving people puppies.

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Mass. puppy revived after overdose - Story | KTTV

A family’s puppy was saved after she accidentally got into something that almost took her life.

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Study: Viewing Puppy Photos Can Increase Loving Feelings

When people view photos of their spouses alongside positive photos, it leads to greater relationship satisfaction.

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Can Photos of Cute Puppies Help Marriage Blues?

Researchers have come up with another reason why we are attracted to irresistible photos of puppies and kittens, and another reason that we can never get our fill of these adorable photos.

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Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Raising A Puppy

Bringing home a puppy can be rewarding. When it comes to raising one there are some things to consider. Here are 10 common mistakes and how to avoid them ...

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In-Sync™ Newsletter - April 2016

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Meet Tonkey: The Shar Pei Puppy Who Looks Like A Teddy Bear - Yahoo News UK

'Meet Tonkey: The Shar Pei Puppy Who Looks Like A Teddy Bear' on Yahoo News UK. The fourth-month-old has now collected over 100,000 social media followers in the last eight weeks, all of whom are obsessed with her addictive features

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A cheetah cub and puppy are best friends, and it makes total sense

If you've ever worried about the baby cheetah in your life feeling lonely, consider finding them a puppy of their very own. According to Zooborns, Pancake the cub's mom, Sage, couldn't produce the milk the tiny cub needed to survive and abandoned the newborn shortly after giving birth at Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon.

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12 of the Cutest Pups in Puppy Bowl XI | Mental Floss

We are just six short days away from the year’s greatest sporting event: the Puppy Bowl. The players may not know the meaning of off sides or holding (or touchdown, for that matter), but gosh darn if they aren’t the cutest things ever.

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The Combination Of Puppies And Ice Cubes Is Magical

If the weather is getting you down, these puppies may make you a bit more enthusiastic about ice. Whether they're fighting or just playing, the little doggies have an adorable fascination with cubes of frozen water. For barking, tail-wagging and ...

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This Is Why You Don't Train Puppies To Ring Bells

Did you forget to feed your puppy? Maybe this video will ring a bell. Careful, though: Once that bell starts ringing, it may be impossible to stop. This cautionary tale brought to you by Maddie, a 10-week old dachshund puppy whose owner taught her...

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Chocolate Lab Puppies Wrestle With Teddy Bear In Battle That's (Almost) Too Cute For Words

These chocolate Lab puppies are having loads of fun with a teddy bear, and we're having way too much fun watching them. Now all we can is wait to see which will win this battle of cuteness. Will it be the puppies? Or the teddy bear? Our money...

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Best Chicago Bars For Dogs

Five bars that don't just allow dogs -- they encourage them.