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Jussie Smollett Ordered Released From Jail After Serving Less Than A Week Of 5 Month Sentence Pending Appeal

Convicted felon Jussie Smollett was ordered to be released from jail on Wednesday pending appeal of his 150-day sentence that went into effect last week for staging a hate crime hoax against himself and lying to law enforcement about it.

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'White Supremacist' Who Scrawled Racist Graffiti on Walls in Missouri High Schools Turns Out to Be Black Student

If any school official had any spine, he or she would've told parents that the incident showed that victimhood is currency; the more one has, the richer one is.

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The rise of hate hoaxing

Last week, some racist graffiti was found at Parkway North and Parkway Central schools in the Midwest American state of Missouri. Somebody had scrawled 'HOPE ALL BLACK PEOPLE DIE' and the n-word across the bathrooms.

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Hate Crime Hoax: Outrageously Racist Graffiti Sparked Days Of Protests. A Black Student Wrote Them.

The absurdity of the messages should have been the first hint that these were not written by someone who genuinely believed them. Graffiti messages that