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If We’re Going To Push Back Let’s Start At The Beginning

The far-Left Woke agenda is being increasingly recognized by the overwhelming majority of people as something that is the exact opposite of freedom and opportunity for all, two of the core tenets on which our Republic was created. With a growing number of

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PODCAST | The Foreign Virus That Has Metastasized As Wokeism

LISTEN NOW | Before we get into today's segment on The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce, Kyle Warren sitting in for a recovering Captain Matt Bruce, I wanted to play a segment of a podcast presented by the Heritage Foundation. The

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The Fight Against Wokeism Should Be A Bipartisan Effort

Sixty-five percent of Americans don’t believe biological males should be allowed to compete in women’s sports. That constitutes a supermajority in any political sphere. So, why should anyone – anyone – anywhere, at any time feel pressured

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PODCAST | What’s Good For The Trump Goose Is Good For The Clinton Gander

Listen now | I don't care whether you like Donald Trump, voted for him, didn't vote for him, have problems with him, or hate his guts (like Rob Reiner), but we can't turn into the Banana Republic that the radical Left wants us to become...

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Obama Era Eric Holder, Famous for Fast & Furious, Demands Dems Pack Supreme Court

Former Obama administration Attorney General, Eric Holder, who gained international attention for his alleged role in the Fast and Furious

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Jon Voight says fighting 'lie' Biden won is 'greatest fight since the Civil War'

Actor Jon Voight released a video Tuesday attacking the results of the presidential election and President-elect Joe Biden, saying the U.S. is now entering the "greatest fight since the Civil War."The Academy Award-winner and longtime Trump supporter took