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Hollywood Blvd Struggling Amid Pandemic With 75% Of Businesses Boarded Up m

The popular tourist attraction Hollywood BLVD has been badly hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic, with 75% of the famous street's businesses now boarded up with

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WATCH: LAPD officers beat protesters outside of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s home

"This happened right outside his window while he was sipping his morning coffee."

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L.A. Hits 300 Homicides After Mayor Eric Garcetti Defunds Police by $150 Million

L.A. recorded 300 homicides after Mayor Eric Garcetti's decision to defund police by $150 million, including cuts to the homicide division.

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L.A. Mayor Drops Endorsement Of District Attorney Targeted By Black Lives Matter

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D), who served as co-chair for Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s vice presidential search committee, has withdrawn his

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‘Absolutely irresponsible’: L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti steps way over the line with comments about Trump and the virus

Eric Garcetti claims Trump is "killing Americans."

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LA Fines Businesses $356 For Posting ‘We're Open' Signs

Numerous struggling businesses, including small restaurants, are getting socked with penalties from the city of Los Angeles for posting banners telling customers they’re open for takeout during the pandemic, the NBC4 I-Team has learned. Above the entran

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LA mayor accepts $5 million donation for city residents from state sponsor of terrorism Qatar: “Truly generous humanitarian gift”

Garcetti accepted the $5 million donation from Qatar on behalf of the mayor's charitable fund to allegedly give aid to city residents.

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WATCH: LA Mayor Garcetti On Eve Of ICE Raids: ‘Rest Assured, We Are Not Coordinating With ICE’ | Daily Wire

On Saturday, on the eve of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids in cities across America, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti released a video on Twitter in which he told illegal immigrants, “Rest assured, here in Los Angeles we are not coordi