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New Survey Finds Big Majorities Favor Religious Freedom in Public and Private

Huge bipartisan majorities of people support “a broad interpretation of religious freedom” in American public and private life, ...

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President Donald J. Trump Stands Up For Religious Freedom In The United States

Today, President Trump signed an Executive Order to ensure that the faith-based and community organizations that form the bedrock of our society have strong advocates in the White House and throughout the Federal Government.

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Why There Are No Christian Children in North Korea - Open Doors USA

Lee Joo-Chan* (now in his 50s) is one of the thousands of North Koreans who grew up in a Christian family without knowing it.

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Why Senators are failing the religious test for office | TheHill

Nominees should not be forced into defending or abandoning their religious convictions, regardless of how antiquated one senator finds such beliefs.

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Freedom of Conscience Wins a Round | National Review Online

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HIDDEN CAMERA: Steven Crowder Trying To Buy A Gay Wedding Cake At Muslim Bakeries | MRCTV

Steven Crowder filmed himself trying to buy a gay wedding cake at a Muslim bakery for himself and his "partner" Ben Howe. If nothing else... Steven Crowder certainly is bold.

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Your Questions On Indiana's Religious Freedom Bill, Answered

You've got questions: How do RFRAs work? Why is everyone so mad about Indiana's? Do religious freedom protections hurt gays? We've got answers.

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Eugene Robinson: Hobby Lobby Sort of Like Segregationists

Hobby Lobby's objection on religious grounds to paying for abortion-causing contraceptives for its employees reminds Eugene Robinson of segregationists who cited the Bible in support of their views.  In his great magnimity, Robinson allowed that the Hobb