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There's An Online Page That Collects Bad Amazon Movie Reviews And Here's 30 Of The Funniest Ones

Who knew that reading a well-put Amazon movie review can be more entertaining than 2-hour cinematic boredom?

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‘Homeland’ Review: Series Finale Sticks to Its Guns and Gives Two Spies a Fitting Send-Off

The "Homeland" series finale pushes Carrie and Saul's ideological differences to a breaking point, before arguing America needs them both.

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Four Weddings and a Funeral, I Think I Don’t Love You

A review of the Hulu series “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” an updated version of the movie co-created by Mindy Kaling.

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Captain Marvel Review: The First Blockbuster Animated By Fear

Two years ago, Wonder Woman proved a female-led superhero movie could reach the highest levels of the genre, with Gal Gadot proving robust and redoubtable, yet also charming and feminine. I spent Captain Marvel waiting for Gadot. What I got was Brie Larson: charmless, humorless, a character so without texture that she might as well be made out of aluminum.

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The 17 Best Films of 2018 - The Atlantic

While 2018 was not a big year for big films, it was a big year for smaller ones.

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iPhone XS Review 2018: 5 Reasons You Need the iPhone Xs and Xs Max

The iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max are here with bigger displays, stainless steel frames with an optional gold finish, a faster processor, and louder stereo speakers. See if they're worth the upgrade.

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Fleet Foxes' First Song In Nearly 6 Years Is Grand | Pitchfork

The 3rd of May is an important date in Fleet Foxes history. Six years ago, on that day, they released their last album, Helplessness Blues. In the time since, the band’s members have released solo music, started side projects, or departed the group altogether.

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Review of Pain Gone Pen, can it really help with Pain? | Stem Cells Freak

DONT BUY pain gone pen before reading this comprehensive review!! Is it a legitimate answer to pain relief or yet another gimmick? Get your facts straight!

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A U.S. consumer panned a Chinese product on Amazon. Then things got crazy

E-commerce is bringing buyers and sellers together across borders like never before — but it’s not all smooth sailing. Just ask Mathew Garrett of Oakland.

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The Witch · Film Review The 17th-century horror of The Witch is troubling on multiple levels · Movie Review · The A.V

By placing old tropes in an even older world, Eggers somehow makes them feel new again. The familiar becomes chillingly unfamiliar.

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Every single L.A. Times 'Star Wars' movie review from 1977 to 2005 - LA Times

Prepping a "Star Wars" binge this weekend? We've got you covered. Here is every single Los Angeles Times review of every single "Star Wars" movie. Some we liked, others not so much. 

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Apple Watch Review: The Smartwatch Finally Makes Sense

If you can tolerate its flaws, you can wear the future on your wrist and keep your iPhone in your pocket.

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iPhone 6 Review | Droid Life

I spent the last two weeks with the iPhone 6 by my side out of both curiosity and to become even more familiar with Android’s biggest competitor. I have seen all that iOS 8 has to offer (at least at this point). I have experienced Apple’s finest. I have experienced Apple’s vision for Android. Yes, I just said that.