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PODCAST | Yeah, I Have A Problem With Presidents' Day

As we get into this Presidents' Day edition of America’s Third Watch, I want to go on record as saying I was never a fan of homogenizing Washington’s Birthday and Lincoln’s Birthday together and then enjoining all of the presidents into that me

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The Largest Battles of the American Revolutionary War

When hostilities commenced during the American Revolution in 1775 between Great Britain and the North American colonies, all the advantages seemed to be on the side of Great Britain, the largest empire in the world. For the next eight years, the two sides

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PODCAST | Our Lives, Our Fortunes & Our Sacred Honor

LISTEN NOW | If you haven't seen it, the HBO series John Adams is a must-watch over the Independence Day weekend. It's a great depiction of what the Framers and the Founders – and the people of what is now the United States – went through in

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Victor Davis Hanson: What the Fourth of July Was Not

Our national Fourth of July holiday—currently the nation’s 247th since the first in 1776—marks the birth of the United States. The iconic Declaration of…

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A Day That Changed The World

The world had seen nothing like it. Thirteen upstart British colonies were taking a stand against the most powerful military on the face of the planet. Of course, I am talking about the birth of the United States of America.

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27 Untold Facts about the Declaration of Independence

The declaration of independence is a document that changed the course of U.S history forever. In the year 1776, the continental congress declared the independence of 13 US countries from Great Britain. Here are 27 facts about the declaration of independen

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5 Lesser-Known Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Fifty-six men signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Some were well-known, but many others were not. Who were these other men, and why were they important?

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American Revolutionary War: 9 Most Important Battles

From the first shots at Lexington and Concord, to the surrender at Yorktown, we explore the most important clashes of the American Revolutionary War (1775–83)

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The French & Indian War: Setting the Stage for the American Revolution

The French and Indian War between Britain and France was part of a proto-World War, with conflict in Europe and North America, that set the stage for the American Revolution.

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17 Facts about the American Revolution You Might Not Know

Otherwise known as the Revolutionary War, the revolution was a period of time where the residents of American colonies rose up against their colonial rulers, the British crown. Here are 17 facts about the American Revolution you might not know

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Here are 10 fascinating Revolutionary War landmarks across America

Plan a visit to these 10 Revolutionary War landmarks that are both educational and fun for folks of all ages.

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The Infamous Uriah Edwards Inheritance

Infamous Edwards Inheritance Wall Street

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Revolutionary war-era time capsule found in Massachusetts state house | US news | The Guardian

Researchers to use x-rays to determine contents of box historians believe Samuel Adams, Paul Revere and others placed in 1795

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Crispus Attucks: America's First Revolutionary War Casualty | Mental Floss

Who was the Revolutionary War’s first colonial casualty? A black seaman with Native American roots.

Crispus Attucks’ dramatic death made him a polarizing figure in 1770. On March 5th of that year, the infamous Boston Massacre claimed his life and left a legacy over which the emerging nation would soon struggle.