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Robert Downey Jr. will return as Iron Man, but there's a catch

Jeff Goldblum says Downey Jr. will reprise his role for Disney Plus streaming series What If...?

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Robert Downey Jr.’s charm is no match for incredibly awkward interview

Pressing the limits to which Robert Downey Jr.’s affable charms can be strained has earned billions for Marvel so far, but today it’s earned Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy some viral infamy (which is worth far more in Internet dollars).

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Robert Downey Jr. on How Many Times He'll Play Iron Man — GeekTyrant

There's no denying that Robert Downey Jr. played a huge role in Marvel's success these last few years. His portrayal of Iron Man got fans excited for the future of superhero and comic book movies, and since the very first Iron Man film, the studio has

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Robert Downey Jr. literally owns the Avengers' Emblem

Actors taking home items from the movies and TV shows they work on is a very common practice - but it's normally just a piece of costuming or a small prop. Robert Downey Jr however, doesn't tend to do things the usual way though, and his memorabilia from