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It's Time for Hillary to Pay for What She's Done to America

Hillary Clinton lied. She knew Donald Trump was not a Russian spy. Trump knew she was lying. The FBI knew she lied but went after Trump anyway. The CIA knew she lied. President Barack Obama knew she l...

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The Astounding Saga Of Hamilton 68 Illustrates Scope Of America’s Institutional Rot

Thanks to Taibbi’s recent contribution to 'The Twitter Files,' we know the full extent of institutional corruption wrapped up in Hamilton 68.

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More Biden Docs Proves Mar-A-Lago Raid Was Russia Hoax 2.0

The discovery of more Biden documents highlights the ridiculous plot to destroy Trump that culminated in the raid of his Mar-a-Lago home.

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‘In Other Words, It Was Made Up’: Jim Jordan Rips Trump/Russia Conspiracy After Latest Durham Filing

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan (R) blasted the Trump/Russia collusion narrative after a Friday court filing by special counsel John Durham suggested that key evidence supporting the conspiracy was implausible.

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Durham filing raises prospect history might have changed if Clinton lawyer hadn't lied

Prosecutor suggests FBI might not have proceeded with key part of Russia probe if Michael Sussmann had told the truth.

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Attorney Ty Clevenger's Determination Led to the FBI Announcing Today They Actually Did Have Thousands of Documents on Seth Rich and His Laptop

For years we reported on the murder of Seth Rich and followed up with numerous posts about the emails that were used as the basis to create the Trump – Russia conspiracy.  For four years the FBI lied and said they had nothing on Seth Rich, but then

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Will The People Who Pushed The Collusion Conspiracy Get Off Scot-Free?

The Russian collusion hoax has fallen apart. We haven’t heard a word from any of the people responsible for pushing it and helping fracture this country.

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DNI declassifies Brennan notes, CIA memo on Hillary Clinton 'stirring up' scandal between Trump, Russia | Fox News

EXCLUSIVE: Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on Tuesday declassified documents that revealed former CIA Director John Brennan briefed former President Obama on Hillary Clinton’s purported “plan” to tie then-candidate Donald Trump to Russia

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BOMBSHELL: Hillary Clinton May Have Cooked Up a Trump-Russia Hoax Back in July 2016

DNI John Ratcliffe revealed Russian intelligence that Hillary Clinton may have signed off on a Trump-Russia disinformation campaign.

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FBI Texts Provide Further Proof Of Plot To End Trump’s Presidency

FBI agents took out employment insurance policies right before the start of the "Crossfire Hurricane" investigation...but what made them so nervous?

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Intelligence Shows China, Not Russia, Greatest Threat to US Election Security: Barr

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), not Russia, poses the biggest threat to election security leading up to November, ...

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INFOGRAPHIC: Declassifications Reveal Extensive Problems With Crossfire Hurricane Probe

Recently declassified documents link the controversial investigation of the Trump campaign to President Barack Obama and his White ...

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Graham Requests More Documents After Footnotes Show Steele’s Dossier May Contain Russian Disinformation

Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), the chairman of U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, has demanded the Department of Justice (DOJ) to provide more documents related to Christopher Steele's primary source.

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AG Barr Says FBI Sabotaged Trump’s Presidency | American Center for Law and Justice

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Jay Sekulow broadcasts live from his home directly to Facebook with the latest revelations on how the FBI has sabotaged...

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Sens. Johnson, Grassley Seek Records on Obama Officials' Meetings With Ukrainian and DNC Officials

Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) asked for records of White House meetings in 2016 between ...

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What Did We Really Learn from the Mueller Investigation? - 1600 Daily

By Daniel Oliver   That the world ends with a whimper we have on the authority of T. S. Eliot. But that the Mueller “RUSSIA!” probe ends with a whimper we have on the authority of our own eyes—or at least the eyes of those who watched the Muel

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Esteemed NSA Whistleblower Bill Binney Says He Has Evidence DNC was NOT Hacked - "The Mueller Report and the Rosenstein

Roger Stone is requesting proof that the Russians hacked the DNC server, as was reported in the Mueller report. He claims if the Russians didn’t hack the DNC, his case should be dismissed. An IT expert and NSA Whistle blower who looked at the data online

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Transcript in Mueller Report Was Selectively Edited to Cast Suspicion on Trump

A transcript in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia report was selectively edited to artificially buttress the narrative that ...

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Papadopoulos Disputes Key Claim in Mueller Report

The final report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller tweaked a key fact in the official narrative about the origin of FBI probe into Trump-Russia connections.

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Nothingburger Mueller Report Came at a Cost Too Great for America

Commentary Can you believe we waited two years for this 400-page nothingburger? We finally have special counsel Robert ...

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Former CIA Contractor Nellie Ohr Provided Husband at DOJ With Russia Research

Two key players in the FBI's investigation of Donald Trump were husband and wife Bruce and Nellie Ohr. ...

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Trump, Declassification, and Leverage

There's a reason why President Trump has not unilaterally declassified the documents exposing perfidy against him: leverage.