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The ‘Islamophobia’ industry shills for Hamas

Professors Khaled Beydoun and Sahar Aziz prove why Middle East studies must be debunked and defunded.

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Anti-Jewish Hate Fills Rutgers University Event on Israel

College Avenue campus at Rutgers University–New Brunswick. Photo: TJ DeGroat. On November 18, 2022, the Rutgers New Brunswick chapter of …

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Rutgers Professor to Jews: Better Dead than Zionist - Campus Watch

Asked during a Dec. 13 webinar whether "anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism," Noura Erakat – no stranger to antisemitism herself—proclaimed the proper reaction to Nazism is not Zionism, but "a class-based response that sought to create class-based solidarity

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Defund Hillel? Defund Rutgers.

Rutgers will likely continue to sit on its hands and allow blatant antisemitism on campus. The larger Jewish community must not do so.Op-ed

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Rutgers Hosted Professor Who Compared Israel Supporters To Rats As University Struggles With Israel-Palestine PR Nightmare

Rutgers University recently hosted a pro-Palestine professor who once compared supporters of Israel to vermin, another hit for the university as it

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Victor Rosenthal – Four Days in May

Victor Rosenthal – Four Days in May This story has everything: the moral bankruptcy and cowardice of Western academia, the obsessive need of Palestinians and their supporters to make everything about them, and the emptiness of their insistence that

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Harlem Diner Owners SLAM Rutgers Prof. For Anti-White Rant Against Dining Children

Last week, Rutgers University Professor James Livingston posted a racist rant against white children who were dining at New York City's Harlem Shake restaurant.

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Defending Antisemites, Rutgers President Takes Aim at The Algemeiner | Jewish & Israel News Algemeiner.com

After weeks of dogged Algemeiner coverage of antisemitism at Rutgers University, we expected that the school’s President, Robert Barchi, would...