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Spendthrift Democrat Elizabeth Warren Wants to Raid Cryptocurrency Wealth

Beware, cryptocurrency sphere! The spendthrift US federal government is starting to take decentralized currency seriously; seeking to...

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In the Name of the Father...

Where is the line drawn between institutional interference and parental rights? One father is sittin

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Your ESG Score & You...Bad Things Are Coming Down the Pike

In a move that will allow for the fundamental transformation of the global finance system, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will seek public input on setting up a rubric for requiring corporations to disclose the risks they face from climate change and policies to curb emissions, an initial step in mandating ESG scoring. Welcome to the age of being coerced into accepting Progressivism...

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Senate Republicans Sound the Alarm on the Encroaching ESG Ideology into the Financial Sector

Republican members of the Senate Banking Committee have penned a letter to the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank strongly urging them...

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SEC Makes First Move Toward ESG Requirements for Companies

In a move that will allow for the fundamental transformation of the global finance system, the US Securities and Exchange Commission...

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Amid Turmoil, SEC Names Wife of Disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok as Division Director

In the wake of the Security and Exchange Commission’s questionable inaction regarding the GameStop event, the regulatory agency has hired

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US Pension Money Flows into Chinese Companies: State Department

As the stock markets start to settle down after the tumultuous year that was 2020, many people are starting to

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The SEC Just Made Crowdfunding Way More Interesting for Small Startups

Thanks to an update in the rules by the SEC, small companies can raise up to $5 million in the same way hardware startups can raise millions on Kickstarter, but instead of delivering a product, these Regulation Crowdfunding companies deliver profits or eq

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Phil Mickelson to pay back over $1M after naming in SEC insider trading complaint - CBSSports.com

Phil Mickelson's finances have become a subject once again as he was named, but not criminally charged, in a complaint filed by the SEC

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You Too Can Now Invest in Startups! What Could Go Wrong? | WIRED

The SEC has finally approved rules to allow anyone to buy equity in a company–so-called equity crowdfunding. Here’s what you need to know.

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Winners and Losers: Parity reigns supreme after three eventful weeks | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: Dr. Saturday looks at the best and worst of Week 3 in the world of college football.

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USC leads Rivals.com's top 25 team recruiting rankings for class of 2015 | SI.com

For the first time since 2010, Alabama does not lead Rivals.com's team recruiting rankings. USC, which also led Rivals.com's rankings in '10, jumped the Crimson Tide for the top spot in '15. Alabama will instead have to settle for the second-ranked class