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The Washington Monument Is Transforming Into a Full-Scale Saturn V Rocket for the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Find out when and where you can watch the full-scale projection, accompanied by a short film about the 1969 Moon landing.

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Apollo in 50 numbers: The Rocket

To get astronauts to the Moon, Nasa had to build the most powerful rocket ever flown successfully. The Saturn V was just the rocket for the job.

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Apollo 19 Saturn V Rocket Stage Arrives at Infinity Science Center for Display

A huge Saturn V first stage, originally slated for use in NASA's Apollo moon program, has arrived at its new home: outside the Infinity Science Center in Mississippi.

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How much fuel a rocket uses in elephants - Business Insider

The Saturn V rocket burned through 763 Asian elephants worth of propellant during lift-off.