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A group of woke activists educators in Loudon County, Virgina has taken it upon themselves to aggressively attack and smear parents in that district who are objecting to curriculum aggrandizing the racist Critical Race Theory, leading Frank and Andy to di

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Parental Enemies List in Hand, School Committee Vows to ‘Silence Opposition’ on Critical Race Theory

A non-sanctioned group of public school officials in Loudoun County, Virginia, public schools has secretly pledged to “silence the...

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San Francisco School Board VP: Many Asian Americans Use 'White Supremacist Thinking' to Achieve

A group standing up to the totalitarianism of wokeness on the San Francisco School Board highlighted the blatantly racist tweet...

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San Francisco School Board President Says Critics of School Renaming Are Undermining Anti-Racist Work

"What I keep hearing is you're trying to undermine the work that has been done through this process."