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J&B Whisky Goes Trans

What does this sentimentalized trans commercial have to do with whisky, besides the fact that you may need to drink a glass to watch it?

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Soulless Greens Are Trying to Ruin Scotch Whisky

In their neverending quest to destroy the quality of life for as many people as possible, greens have set their sights on one of the tastiest and most enjoyable sips the good Lord put on this planet:...

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The Countries That Drank the Most Scotch In 2021

Data released by the Scotch Whisky Association demonstrates that last year was the first return to growth for the Scotch industry since 2019.

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Our Favorite Scotch Whiskies At Every Price Point From $20 To $500

Our price point journey ends with a review of our absolute favorite bottles of Scotch whisky at every price point between $20 and $500.

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The Best Beginner Scotches For National Scotch Day

With all of the whisky available from Scotland, you might feel overwhelmed and decide to just stick to your usual bourbon, rye, or Tennessee whiskey. We’re here to put your mind at ease and tell you that there are many great gateway bottles for Scotch whi

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Easy No-Churn Ice Cream - How to Make Ice Cream Without a Machine

Making no-churn ice cream without an ice cream maker is easier than you'd think. No machine necessary—just heavy cream, a whisk, and a little elbow grease.

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What’s the Difference Between Whiskey, Scotch, Bourbon, and Rye?

Flavor-wise, Scotch is smoky, bourbon is sweet, and rye is more astringent

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Dewar's Plans For A Blended Scotch Resurgence With 'Live True' Campaign

One whisky company, however, is convinced that blended scotch whisky is on the verge of a resurgence. Global brand Dewar’s is preparing to back that conviction with 'Live True', a multi-country, global media campaign designed to double its U.S. sales of

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39 Great Whiskeys You Can Actually Find at Your Liquor Store

A comprehensive guide to the whiskeys that you can actually buy right now. Whether you’re looking for massive peat smoke for a fireside winter night, an easy summer daytime sipper on the rocks, or a bold budget bourbon for a batch of Old Fashioneds, we�

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19 whiskey gifts for the sophisticated drinker in your life

Give the gift your whiskey-loving loved one really wants this year with one of these boozy gifts.

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10 great scotches that cost less than your tee time - Golf Digest

It's time to get into scotch. Here's 10 incredible whiskies that will help you do do it without breaking the bank.

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The ‘Mad Men’ era of drinking is upon us - The Washington Post

Don Draper would approve. If it seems like everyone at the bar these days is trading in beer for bourbon, it's not just in your imagination.

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Cutty Sark's Prohibition Scotch Is The Greatest Thing Since The End of Prohibition

Prohibition Edition is the alcoholic equivalent to Rosie Perez or Niles from Frasier.

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‘Stodgy’ scotch on the rocks as Mad Men turns the young on to bourbon | Life and style | The Guardian

British brand recruits David Beckham to take on foreign rivals, such as Sinatra’s beloved Jack Daniel’s

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You KNOW you wondered. How Is Whiskey Produced?

Often considered to be the great American spirit, whiskey in all its forms is also a wonderful introduction to distillation science.

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How to Blend Scotch to Make Cocktails: Wine + Cocktails: GQ

Scotch is the official beverage of the 1 percent. But now tradition-busting bartenders are treating it like a blue-collar booze, mixing blends and smoky single malts into cocktails. Here's how to take scotch back from the neat freaks