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Sea lion pup pays a visit to home on The Strand in Manhattan Beach

A sea lion pup, just six-months old, wandered across the sand in Manhattan Beach all the way to the doorstep of a home in the 2800 block of The Strand.

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Sea lion pup arrested after impersonating a high schooler

A sea lion pup was detained on April 8 for breaking into Mar Vista High School in Imperial Beach, California without registering for classes. The pup seemed to think he could float by getting an easy A in Algebra, but his hopes were dashed after teachers called the sheriff's office.

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Starving Sea Lions Washing Ashore by the Hundreds in California - NYTimes.com

Animal rescuers are reporting five times more sea lion rescues than normal. Experts suspect unusually warm waters are driving mothers away to look for food, leaving pups to swim from home.