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Sean Connery's 20 Best Movies, Ranked

The late Sean Connery starred in countless iconic roles, making him one of the most influential actors to date.

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Sean Connery Made Two Demands Before Agreeing To Become The First James Bond

Sean Connery was 'it from the beginning' when it comes to casting the role of James Bond, but the actor had two demands before he signed on the dotted line.

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James Bond Theory: The Rock Is Sean Connery's Real Final 007 Movie

Sean Connery officially stopped playing James Bond in 1971, but is 1996's The Rock movie is real final outing as 007? A compelling theory says so.

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18 Behind-the-Scenes Facts About Goldfinger

In 1964, 'Goldfinger' established many of the elements that would become regular James Bond movie hallmarks, and made 007 a global superstar.

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Star Trek: Vulcan Planet Sha Ka Ree Was Named For Sean Connery

Even though iconic James Bond actor Sean Connery turned down a role in Star Trek, his name lives on in the franchise's history.

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How the 'Goldfinger' Alpine sequence gave rise to Bondmania

The Alpine scenes in 1964's "Goldfinger" not only helped generate huge amounts of publicity, they set out a visual blueprint for generations of Bond movies to come.

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How Sean Connery, an Unlikely Choice to Play Bond, Defined 007's Style

It is no little irony that the lasting, iconic style of James Bond, the yardstick against which all Bonds are compared, should first have been personified by Sean Connery.

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This James Bond scene nearly killed Sean Connery in 1963

It sort of goes without saying that working as a field agent and international superspy comes with a little requisite danger of incurring grievous bodily harm. You know what shouldn't come with a little requisite danger of incurring grievous bodily harm?

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Sean Connery in memorial: How James Bond helped create sci-fi cinema

The actor who played the first cinematic James Bond, Sean Connery, has died at 90. But without the success of Bond, sci-fi movies wouldn't have taken off.

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Sean Connery: from 007 to Indiana Jones – a career in pictures

From the 1950s to the noughties, we revisit the many screen lives of Sean Connery, cinema’s first James Bond, who has died aged 90

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12 Photos of Sean Connery Looking Like A Boss

The first man to play James Bond reaches the ripe old age of 85 this week. To celebrate, we've rounded up some lesser-seen shots of the Scot in his debonair prime. Here-sch to you, Sch-sean.