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Twitter Seeks Shelter Under Section 230 Over Child Porn Lawsuit

In what can only be called an arrogant act of hubris, Twitter is seeking to dismiss a lawsuit from a minor who charges that the social...

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Twitter Admits They Are a Publishing Platform in Suit Against Texas Attorney General

In a move that unwittingly damages Twitter’s claim that it is due Section 230 protections, the social media behemoth filed suit against...

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Amazon Committed to Hosting Twitter Despite Them Hosting Violent Content, Allegedly Child Porn

Amazon’s AWS web hosting service has struck a deal with Twitter to host the social media giant’s platform on its

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg calls on Congress to reform Section 230

Mark Zuckerberg will ask Congress to reform Section 230, the law that shields tech companies like his from liability for what users post on platforms.

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Big Tech's Section 230 law: What it is and why some want it changed

The Justice Department is hosting a workshop to examine the scope of the Big Tech protection law known as Section 230.