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'Not Rooted in Science': Media Won't Judge Biden's Brain After Throwing the DSM-5 at Trump

Pundits disparage the special counsel and accuse Joe Biden's critics of ageism. It’s a sharp change from when the media diagnosed Donald Trump with all kinds of disqualifying brain problems.

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Biden's Top 10 Blunders Of 2022 That Prove He's In Decline

Here are 10 gaffes from the grandpa in the White House that should make every American question why anyone thinks he's not a figurehead.

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Biden: Extra Leg Room on Airplanes Is Racist

It's astonishing that a class warfare speech such as this one could ever have been made by a president. Even more troubling is that it wasn’t his worst.

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Victor Davis Hanson: An Epidemic of Cognitive Impairment?

Joe Biden, the nominal head of the Democratic Party, is 79. But he increasingly acts and sounds 89. Recently, Biden has pivoted repeatedly on stage with his arm…

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Who is President Biden talking about when he says ‘the guy who turned on our lights’? You know the guy

Is Biden talking about Thomas Edison? Because he told us Edison didn't invent the lightbulb.

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12 Times Joe Biden Made Up Stories, Lied, Or Said Something Crazy

Lots of politicians are big, fat liars. Joe Biden is merely one of the most obvious. Here are some of the many times he said false or ridiculous things.

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‘So, Joe Biden’s speech went well’: Dan Bongino presents the highlights of the president’s speech in Illinois

Biden seemed to struggle with the teleprompter a bit.

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WATCH: Joe Biden Has No Idea Where He Is or Who He’s Talking To

President Joe Biden last week forgot the name of another world leader. During a virtual event with Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia and his U.K. counterpart Boris Johnson, the president addressed the British prime minister by name before he refe

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President Biden takes questions from reporters, calls on ‘the first person I was instructed to call on’

Who is instructing the president who to call on? Who's in charge here?

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Ex-Obama Doctor Torches Biden In Brutal Letter, Demands Biden ‘Submit To A Cognitive Test Immediately’

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), the former White House physician for former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, sent a letter to Democrat President Joe

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Biden makes several gaffes at G7, at one point world leaders openly laugh at his forgetfulness

President Joe Biden gaffes at the G7 summit, world leaders laugh at his forgetfulness at conference as seen in videos.

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Biden: Black Entrepreneurs Just As Capable As Whites ‘But They Don’t Have Lawyers’ Or ‘Accountants’

President Joe Biden faced criticism on Tuesday over remarks that he made while speaking in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on race-related issues, saying that black

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‘The Choice Is Yours’: Biden Demands Americans Wear Masks Until Vaccinated

President Joe Biden tweeted from his official presidential account on Thursday evening that Americans who refuse to receive the COVID-19 vaccine must continue to wear masks.

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Biden says Americans earning less than $400K will not pay 'a single penny' in taxes

President Biden reiterated his pledge that no American earning less than $400,000 would pay “a single penny” in additional taxes with a slight twist on Monday, after he proposed several tax increases to fund two sweeping spending plans.

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Are We Just Going to Let Biden's Massive Brain Malfunction During His First Presser Slip Under the Radar?

President Joe Biden had his first press conference—and it will probably be his last for quite a while. If it wasn’t scripted, it would have been an unmitigated disaster. it

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WH Blames Wind After Biden Stumbles, Falls While Boarding Air Force One; Staffer: ‘I Almost Fell Coming Up The Steps Myself’

After President Joe Biden repeatedly fell while walking up the stairs to Air Force One on Friday afternoon, White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary

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Oh Boy! Did Biden Just Say the Quiet Part Out Loud About Kamala Harris?

This isn’t even funny. Joe Biden, no stranger to verbal slips, has once again made a rather telling gaffe.
Or was it?
On Thursday afternoon Biden referred to Kamala Harris as “President Ha...

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Biden Makes Numerous False Claims During Speech While Failing To Give Trump Admin Credit For Vaccine Work

President Joe Biden made numerous false and misleading claims on Thursday night during his first primetime address in which he repeatedly failed to give credit to the Trump administration for all the work that it did to get vaccines developed in historic

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Biden Forgets Name Of His Secretary Of Defense & The Pentagon | Newsradio WTAM 1100

Biden Forgets the Name of the Pentagon, and His Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin - And I want to thank the Sec — the former general, I keep calling him general, my — my — the guy who runs that outfit over there’

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Critics Slam Biden After He Appears To Forget Name Of Defense Secretary, Pentagon: ‘He’s Not There’

Critics sounded the alarm on Monday afternoon after President Joe Biden appeared to forget the name of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and the Pentagon

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Joe Biden Speaks in Houston, What Follows Should Make You Question Everything

This isn't normal, and we should stop pretending it is.

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While Millions Not In School, Biden Tells Girl That Kids Are ‘Safest Group Of People In The World’

President Joe Biden told a young girl during a CNN town hall on Tuesday night that she didn't need to worry about the coronavirus because kids do not get

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VIDEO: Biden's Earpiece Says 'Salute The Marines,' So He Says 'Salute The Marines' Out Loud, Doesn't Salute Them

Video footage taken on Wednesday went viral today as viewers noticed that when President Joe Biden was walking into the

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Wow, Politico Is No Longer Covering Up Biden's Cognitive Decline

On the eve of his inauguration, Politico published an article that contains an anecdote that is actually quite disturbing.

For higher-profile remarks, [Biden would] obsessively rehearse portions unti...

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Joe Biden makes a great argument for reopening the schools immediately

Dr. Jill Biden's been vaccinated, let's get her back into a classroom.

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Joe Biden Loses His Cool Again with CBS Producer Asking a Question

Karen Townsend at Hot Air reported that CBS News producer Bo Erickson was scolded again by Joe Biden for impertinent questions. It happened on Friday as some members of the press were let in to see Biden chatting with Democrat congressional leaders Nancy

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Fading Joe Biden's Very Bad Day Starts with Telling 56% of Americans Not to Vote for Him

Fading Joe Biden had a terrible Monday that goes a long way towards explaining why the media and his campaign are working so hard to keep him hidden.

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Joe Biden says he was able to stay sequestered because ‘some black woman’ stocked the grocery shelves for him

Black women are integral to Joe Biden's campaign, all the way to stocking his groceries.

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‘What are they trying to hide?’ Joe Biden’s campaign is making it pretty clear that ‘something’s not right here’

Joe Biden has plenty to say on Twitter (if we’re to believe that Joe’s the one doing the tweeting, that is). But for some strange reason, when the media are around, he clams up.

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Biden: ‘It’s Estimated That 200 Million People’ Will Be Dead From COVID-19 By End Of My Speech

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden struggled during a speech on Sunday, falsely claiming that estimates indicated that there would be 200 million people dead from COVID-19 by the time he was finished talking. While talking about the issue of health

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Fact-check: Joe Biden says if President Trump had done his job on COVID-19, ‘all the people would still be alive’

President Joe Biden would have kept COVID-19 deaths to zero.

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‘You know what I mean?’ Joe Biden explains how a quartermaster could easily run the ladies department

Joe Biden has to ask, "You know what I mean?" a whole lot more than he should.

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‘We gotta give people facts’: Joe Biden reveals that ‘a black man invented the light bulb, not a white guy named Edison’

Joe Biden's staffers should have hit up Google for 30 seconds before handing him this line.

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Biden Visits Kenosha Following Jacob Blake Shooting, Declines To Explain Tax Plan: ‘They’ll Shoot Me’

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden attended an event in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Thursday for Jacob Blake, who was recently shot, and while at the event, declined to lay out his tax plan because he said, “They’ll shoot me.” “The tax c

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Biden Fails To Condemn Antifa, Black Lives Matter By Name For Repeated Violence, Seems To Suggest Trump Supporters Responsible For Death Of Right-Wing Protester

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden failed on Sunday to condemn two far-left groups—Antifa and Black Lives Matter—for repeated violence that has happened over the summer. Biden’s failure to condemn the two far-left groups by name came as he rele