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Muslims Irate after Jews Blow Shofar on Temple Mount on Rosh Hashanah

All of which stands to show you that the Arabs already know the Jews are coming. Now, someone must tell the Jews.

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70 Years of Bringing Shofar to the Streets

In 1953, the first public mitzvah campaign to bring Judaism to individuals, wherever they are

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Shofar Over the Internet During Elul? - Chabad

Due to the pandemic, I’m
currently unable to attend service. Can I fulfill this custom by listening to
the shofar over Zoom?

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Lee Diamond - Consider the Shofar שפר

Lee Diamond – Consider the Shofar שפר The clarion call of the Jewish People. *Not the overwhelming blast of trumpets! *Not the pomp and circumstances Which accompanies  entering royalty! *Not Beethoven’s  5th symphony and Its familiar opening

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A Shofar in Siberia and the Young Boy Who Arranged It - High Holidays

Young Meir noticed that with each passing day his grandfather grew more and more depressed. “How will we blow the shofar?” cried the Rebbe.

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Shofar sounding a ‘sacred duty’

Fred Missel confesses that he was a poor Hebrew school student, but one day before the High Holidays, his rabbi brought a shofar into his third-grade class. When Missel got a sound out of it, “that was the impetus” that led him to teach others