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Shofar Over the Internet During Elul? - Chabad

Due to the pandemic, I’m
currently unable to attend service. Can I fulfill this custom by listening to
the shofar over Zoom?

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Lee Diamond - Consider the Shofar שפר

Lee Diamond – Consider the Shofar שפר The clarion call of the Jewish People. *Not the overwhelming blast of trumpets! *Not the pomp and circumstances Which accompanies  entering royalty! *Not Beethoven’s  5th symphony and Its familiar opening

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A Shofar in Siberia and the Young Boy Who Arranged It - High Holidays

Young Meir noticed that with each passing day his grandfather grew more and more depressed. “How will we blow the shofar?” cried the Rebbe.

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Shofar sounding a ‘sacred duty’

Fred Missel confesses that he was a poor Hebrew school student, but one day before the High Holidays, his rabbi brought a shofar into his third-grade class. When Missel got a sound out of it, “that was the impetus” that led him to teach others