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OMG, 'Shtisel' Was Renewed for a Third Season! – Kveller

Gasp! We just came upon the best news — and it is not about the royal baby. (Nor is about that other VIP infant, Amy Schumer’s newborn, Gene.) Grab a seat, because this is major: Everyone’s favorite Israeli series, Shtisel, is coming back

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12 Israeli Shows to Binge Watch Now That You're Done with 'Shtisel' – Kveller

I love Shtisel, you love Shtisel, everybody loves Shtisel! The Israeli show, about an Ultra-Orthodox family of the same last name, is taking American audiences by storm. Streaming on Netflix, this show has been covered by the New York Times and even has a

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The Israeli Show on Netflix Everyone Should Be Binging – Kveller

I was surprised at how enthralled I am with Shtisel, the Israeli series that hit Netflix in 2019 but is hardly new (the first season aired in Israel in 2013). The show explores the lives of the ultra-Orthodox Shtisel family, who live in the Geula neighb