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Yikes! Sky News Anchor Dubs the Holocaust a 'Voluntary Relocation'

 This is truly unbelievable. A 'Sky News' anchor called the Holocaust an 'voluntary relocation'. What?

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Sky News Host Goes Viral After ‘Astonishing’ Hostage Swap Ratio Question to Israeli Spokesman Universally Mocked

A Sky News anchor asked an Israeli spokesperson if Israel values Palestinian lives less based on the hostage swap ratio.

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Sky News Pundit Fails to Challenge Singer Akon Who Suggested Jews Should Not Take Kanye West's Pro-Nazi Comments 'Personally’

There can be no doubt in anyone's mind that Kanye West is an antisemite. His dark and disturbing descent into the embrace of Nazism began in October when

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Sky News Arabia suggests AJ+ bowed to Israeli pressure in nixing Holocaust video

It’s extremely troubling that Sky News Arabia – a network which purports to uphold Western journalistic standards – would evoke classic antisemitic tropes by suggesting that the e…

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UK Chief Rabbi Told: Israel Fuels Anti-Semitism - Arutz Sheva

British media has long been accused of a strong anti-Israel bias, and even generating anti-Semitism. Those claims have surfaced once again when during an interview with UK Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis for International Holocaust Memorial Day on Tuesday, a TV anchor with Sky News went as far as to suggest that Israel "fuels anti-Semitism."