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The FBI May Have Made A Huge Mistake In Its Investigation Of The Sony Hack - Business Insider

A threat from the Sony hackers may have actually been a prank.

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North Korea's Internet Is Totally Screwed Right Now 

Following several days of continuous connectivity problems, North Korea's internet has gone dark, according to one researcher. Whether it's a cyber attack or a routine outage remains unclear. However, it looks a lot like a DDoS attack.

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A Sony Employee Details The Panic And Confusion That Followed In The Days After The Massive Hack

An anonymous Sony employee describes what happened at Sony after one of the worst cyber attacks in history.

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Sony “stuck in 1992″ after hacks – except for Macs, iPads and iPhones | 9to5Mac

A Sony employee has described the company as being "stuck in 1992" following the massive hacks, with employees desperately trying to avoid using any technology that could be compromised, reports Te...

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DIA: North Korea Planned Attacks on US Nuclear Plants | Washington Free Beacon

North Korea dispatched covert commando teams to the United States in the 1990s to attack nuclear power plants and major cities in a conflict, according to a declassified Defense Intelligence Agency report. The DIA report, dated Sept. 13, 2004, reveals tha

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Sony Pictures Employees Now Working In An Office “From Ten Years Ago” | TechCrunch

"We are stuck in 1992 over here," she said. She requested anonymity but agreed to talk a bit about her day-to-day experience as a Sony Pictures Employee..

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Sony suspends film shoots after hackers hit payments - Telegraph

The attack by hackers suspected of having links with North Korea, has taken most of Sony Pictures’ computers offline and left it unable to process payments