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11 Sounds Today’s Kids Have Probably Never Heard

Who knew that certain noises would eventually become as extinct as the dodo or the flash cube some day?

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Can't Stand Some Sounds? It Could Be Due to an 'Abnormal' Brain Connection

If you have an overreaction to 'triggering' sounds such as other people chewing or drumming their fingers, you probably have misophonia. Last year, scientists finally discovered a key brain connection responsible for setting it off.

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What does outer space sound like? Hear NASA's satellite symphony at the Huntington

It could be the start of a Steven Spielberg sci-fi film: A boy walks into a shimmering, aluminum garden pavilion surrounded by lush palms and succulent-lined footpaths. A lizard scurries across the dirt floor and over his sneaker-clad toes. There’s a ma