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11 Fascinating Facts About Ray Harryhausen

Here are 11 things everyone should know about the man Kermit the Frog called “one of the world’s great manipulators.”

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See How Special Effects Were Done in the Silent Film Era

A century ago, silent movies directors came up with creative ways to capture special effects on camera.

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This fan-made, nerd-approved edit of an iconic Star Wars scene took 2.5 years to make

Fast-paced editing, visual trickery, and extra footage make the iconic battle between Obi-Wan and Vader feel brand-new. One of the creators tells us why he did it.

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Lights, Camera, Artificial Action: Start-Up Is Taking A.I. to the Movies

After selling their robotics company to Google, two engineers are working on technology they think can change how special effects are made.

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How 'Jurassic Park' Chose CGI Over Stop-Motion

The movie Jurassic Park premiered 21 years ago this week. But when pre-production began, the plan was to use stop-motion animation for the dinosaurs. Here's the surprising story of how a handful of maverick computer graphics pioneers at Industrial Light & Magic changed the movie's course—and ushered in a new era* of movie history.