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Could It Happen Here? 200 Dead, as Sri Lanka Literally Runs Out of Gas

Sri Lanka went woke and now it’s gone broke with enough gasoline to last “for a single day.”
“The Ministry of Finance” of the Democratic Socialist Republic “is find...

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Sri Lanka to Ban Burqa, Shut Over 1,000 Unregistered Islamic Schools

The Asian country of Sri Lanka has announced it will ban the wearing of burqas in public while planning to shut more than a thousand...

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Two Jewish siblings murdered in Sri Lanka terror attacks | Jewish News

Teenagers Daniel and Amelie Linsey were members of Westminster synagogue, and were among the eight Brits killed during the Easter Sunday atrocity

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Why Islamic Terrorism Remains The World's Greatest Threat To Peace

No modern movement has created more mayhem, terrorism, and oppression than political Islam. The Sri Lankan massacre is just another harrowing reminder.