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Support for Israel is stronger than we think - The Jerusalem Post

Jews in Israel and across the world, are taking constructive action driven by our despair and rage. For now, the center holds.

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Jerry Seinfeld lands in Israel in show of solidarity

Seinfeld landed in the country to express solidarity with the nation following the horrific massacre that occurred on October 7.

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100 Jewish youngsters make aliyah to enlist in IDF

An interview with three who left family and friends behind to defend the Jewish state.

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Māori Haka Performed at Rally for Release of Israeli Hostages in Wellington

Participants in a rally demanding the release of Israeli hostages in Gaza performed a Haka in Wellington, New Zealand, on October 29.Video filmed by X user @digitupbro shows the Haka being performed in Wellington’s Te Ngakau Civic Square in front of rows

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The British soldier who won't stop defending Israel

Colonel Richard Kemp explains how he came to be one of the UK’s most strident advocates of the IDF

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What a Feeling! Lionel Richie Blocks Code Pink Following Boycott Calls | Israellycool

Lionel's response is gold of the comedy (not Ariel) variety.

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WATCH: Paul Anka in Israel: I Told BDS to F*** Off! | Israellycool

Legendary American crooner Paul Anka is performing in Israel tonight. Ahead of the show, he was interviewed by Israeli television.

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WATCH: Sharon Stone: “While I’m Not a Jew, I’m Jew-ish” | Israellycool

At The Algemeiner's recent West Coast Gala, Sharon made the following comment in her speech before presenting Judea Pearl with the “Warrior for Truth” award.

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Arizona to set up Israel trade office later this year | The Times of Israel

Gov. Ducey approves budget for new fiscal year; in 2017 trade between Arizona and Israel totaled some $400 million, making Israel Arizona's 9th largest trading partner

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IDF soldier born to Gaza parents commended for excellence

His mother and father moved to Israel 30 years ago and had two sons here, both of whom chose to convert to Judaism and enlist in Israeli military after being encouraged at home; on Independence Day, 21-year-old Sergeant A., will receive a citation of e

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Muslim stands up for Israel at UN Human Rights Council

“This council has repeatedly demonized Israel while ignoring Palestinian terror attacks and the real victims of human rights abuses across the globe,” Hafeez said.

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Celebrities who are pro-Israel

The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement has plenty of money flowing in, mostly from Europe, to pressure businesses and investors from engaging with Israeli organizations in an effort to isolate the Jewish state from the rest of the world. Th

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Consequences Of Anti-Semitism: University Of Texas Faculty No Longer Able To Use Airbnb On School Business

As Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro reported last November, home rental company Airbnb recently instituted a

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Proof: BDS Is Linked To Terrorists. Just As You Suspected.

An Israeli report has found that the BDS movement maintains direct ties with multiple terrorist organizations.