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The Best Cars That Still Offer a Manual Transmission in 2024

These automakers—including Porsche, BMW, Mazda, Honda, and more—are saving the manuals, one performance car at a time.

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Every New Car You Can Still Buy with a Manual Transmission

In case you're in the market for a new car with a stick shift, we salute you. Here's what you have to choose from.

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Why Stick Shifts Are Going Extinct

Die hard drivers love manual transmissions, but they are disappearing from the auto market. Well under 2 percent of new cars sold in 2019 came with manual tr...

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Redesigned C8 Corvette Stingray ditches manual transmission: The stick shift is dying

General Motors said the redesigned Corvette Stingray will eliminate the manual transmission, putting the stick shift one step closer to the grave.

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Forget Self-Driving Cars. Bring Back the Stick Shift.

Technology meant to save us from distraction is making us less attentive.