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BREAKING: AZ Candidate For Secretary of State Mark Finchem: "I Call On Arizona To Decertify The Election Of 2020 And Recall The Electors... We Have A Duty To Act" - 96K+ GHOST VOTES

Arizona Candidate for Secretary of State Mark Finchem has Joined Wendy Rogers in calling for decertification of Arizona’s electors. Liz Harris was live on Bannon’s War Room exposing results from canvassing efforts in Maricopa County and she wi

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The Left’s Inversion of Facts Surrounding the Election | Truth Over News

The Big Lie—a phrase that’s been repeatedly invoked by President Joe Biden and the Democrats since the November ...

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The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election

For more than a year, a loosely organized coalition of operatives scrambled to shore up America’s institutions

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‘I’ve seen this movie before’: Georgia county calls it a night and will resume counting votes in the morning

This all seems too familiar to many.

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Podcast | Underground USA | United States

An irreverent, brutally truthful, fact-based podcast. With Texas filing suit against the four embattle battleground states in the US Supreme Court and 17 states signing on in agreement, the angry Fascists of the Left, well, they're probably going to get a

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Ukrainian-Born Incoming Republican House Rep Warns ‘I Grew Up In Socialism’ And ‘It’s Not Pretty’

The fact that 70 percent of millennials say they would vote for a socialist and one in three view communism

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Forensic Computer Scientist: Up to 120,000 Questionable Votes in Pennsylvania

As the Third Circuit Court of Appeals rules against President Trump’s attorney’s in the matter of vote fraud and ballot

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Wisconsin Supreme Court Petitioned to Declare All Drop-Box Ballots Illegal, Block Certification

With the vote certification process engaged, a new lawsuit is threatening to throw a wrench into the process; seeking to

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BREAKING: Pennsylvania GOP Legislature Seeks to Reclaim Power to Appoint Electors

Pennsylvania is making a move that could open a path for other states to affect changes to the regular order

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MICHIGAN: State Will Hold Gettysburg-Style Election Fraud Hearing On December 1

In a move that mirrors state senate hearings that took place this week in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, a Senate committee in

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VENEZUELA: Socialist Government Now Preventing Doctors Without Borders From Entering Country

As the people of Venezuela suffer the ravages that Socialism serves up as a reward to those who blindly allow

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Facebook Engaged ‘Emergency’ Conservative Censorship Post-Election

Facebook, Twitter, and Google did a tremendous amount of damage to the nation in the run-up to the 2020 General

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House Democrats Seek to Resurrect Earmarks, Special Interest Cronyism

If there was ever proof that the elected class couldn’t care less what their constituents want this is it. With

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Getting into the Subject of the 'Uncensored'

In this episode of Underground USA I introduce Pete D'Abosca, an independent journalist and political guy with National File. Pete and I will be doing a 3-times weekly podcast for National File so we decided to shake it down here. Don't worry, U

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DOJ Looking Into Criminal Referral Alleging 3K Cases of Voter Fraud in Nevada

A spokesperson for the Department of Justice said the DOJ is looking into a criminal referral for voter fraud in Nevada.