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Stop Ghosting and Start Saying No

Ghosting is a common phenomenon in both personal and professional relationships. While it’s easy to lament being ghosted, it’s harder to admit that many of us have ghosted someone else. You promise to make a business introduction, offer to review a re

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7 Powerful Habits of People With High Emotional Intelligence

You don’t get where you want to be without practice. Here’s how and what to practice.

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Performance Reviews: Dread Them? Ditch Them? Replace Them? - Workplace Coach Blog

Performance reviews; why don't they work and what's a GREAT alternative?

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Jack Cohen - Controversy over Covid-19 Strategy

Jack Cohen – Controversy over Covid-19 Strategy There is a controversy over the strategy taken by most Western countries against the Covid-19 pandemic.  Most countries have followed the excellent example of South Korea, in which everybody wears mas

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5 Podcasts That Will Make You a Better Marketer

In as little as ten minutes a day, you can refine your marketing skills and apply new strategies to your business. These five podcasts offer digestible and actionable tips and tricks from expert marketers that cater to even the busiest professionals. Add

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Are There Any Downsides To Content Marketing? - Forbes

Are there any real downsides to content marketing that might deter you from the strategy?

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Why Successful People Take 10 Years to 'Succeed Overnight'

There's a reason why this 10-years-to-overnight-success pattern shows up over and over. And it's not just about working hard.

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How to Win at Rock-Paper-Scissors

Psychology, not chance