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Ha Ha, Those Paper Straws Coming Soon to a McDonald's Near You Can't Be Recycled

Once again, the cure was more harmful than the disease.

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Metal drinking straw fatally impales woman in England

Elena Struthers-Gardner, 60, who was known as ‘Lena,’\u00a0suffered brain injuries in the accident at her home in\u00a0England.

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STUDY: Banning Straws Could Lead To Environmental And Economic Complications | Daily Wire

The state of California has tackled a variety of social reforms including raising taxes, lowering the standard of living, clamping down on small businesses, and of course the evil nemesis of all leftists, the straw.

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Meet the Kid Who Came Up With the 500 Million Straws Statistic | Money

When he was 9 years old, Milo Cress was curious how many straws Americans use everyday. His research said 500 million. Was he right?

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Starbucks’ Solution To Replace Plastic Straws Backfires Big-Time

On Monday, Starbucks, ever-eager to portray itself as a corporation that is sensitive to environmental concerns, jumped on the bandwagon with those advocating the removal of plastic straws.