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30 Candid Photos Capture Street Scenes of San Francisco From the Second Half of the 1970s

San Francisco in the 1970s was a global hub of culture. It was known worldwide for hippies and radicals. The city was heavily affected by dr...

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How To Overcome Fears Of Photographing Strangers

HAPTIC presents the Ultimate Beginner's Guide for Street Photography Series -- visualizations of essential photography lessons and tips by ANNETTE KIM. Annette researched, synthesized, and visualized the key lessons to present to you a fun, easy to read V

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How to Take More Risks in Street Photography

Dear friend, I think the reason why street photography is fun is because it is risky.

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Photographer Creates Grids Showing How People on City Streets Look the Same

Fashion street photographers usually look for styles that are one of a kind. Hans Eijkelboom doesn't. For over twenty years, the Dutch 'anti-sartorial' pho