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Karine Jean-Pierre says administration doesn’t need emergency powers to cancel student debt

Biden does not have the authority to cancel student debt.

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After student loan forgiveness, 73% of borrowers plan to spend more on travel and dining out

Those receiving President Biden's student debt forgiveness won't see an actual check in the mail, but lower monthly payments may change how recipients budget.

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In a reversal, the Education Dept. is excluding many from student loan relief

The Biden administration has quietly changed its guidance to disqualify borrowers who have privately-held FFEL and Perkins loans.

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Biden’s Stealth Change To Student Loan Forgiveness Scheme Could Cut Out Millions Of Borrowers

The Biden administration quietly changed the fine print of it student loan debt forgiveness plan Thursday, cutting hundreds of thousands of borrowers out of the sweeping program.

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PODCAST | Replacing the Cult of Personality with an Honest Policy Discussion

The Midterm Elections are just months away and the radical Left, the Biden administration, its Obama 2.0 masters, and the mainstream media want to make the election a rehash of the anti-Trump campaign they executed successfully in 2020. The task at hand i

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'Indefensible': Former Obama Adviser Trashes Biden's Student Loan Plan - Washington Free Beacon

President Joe Biden's plan to cancel up to $40,000 of student loan debt for households earning $249,000 a year is "reckless" and "indefensible," former Obama adviser Jason Furman said Wednesday.

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Biden’s Student-Debt Bonfire Is a Classist Message to the Uncredentialed: Screw ’Em | National Review

Scranton Joe is sending cash from the people he cynically pretends to care about to the people he really cares about.

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ARTICLE & PODCAST | What Has Progressed Under Progressivism?

As we prepare for the onslaught of propaganda that is coming our way (from both sides) during the lead-up to the Midterm Elections, we all need to take a step back from the preferred narratives being foisted upon us by the political Left and mainstream me

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Student Loan Forgiveness: All Hail Joe Biden, King - The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics

President Joe Biden, elder statesman, steady hand, and all-around good guy, just decided by fiat that henceforth and herewith, student...

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Rep. Ayanna Pressley says President Biden can ‘save lives’ by canceling student debt ‘as deep as the hurt is’

Pressley says Biden can save lives with the stroke of his pen.

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Cancel the Higher Education Cartel, Not Student Debt - The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics

Recently, the Biden administration announced it is entertaining a $10,000 debt cancellation for some federal student loan borrowers, while progressive...

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The Student Loan Scam

Currently there is somewhere around $1.6 trillion outstanding in unpaid student loans. That is approximately twice the amount of all credit card debt. And many thousands of college graduates and dropouts find themselves unable or unwilling to repay their

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PODCAST | Maybe DHS Should Consider Putting a Fence Around Disney

As DHS Secretary Mayorkas humiliates himself before Congress in continuing to push the false narrative of the snowflake "domestic terrorism" threat, perhaps the Left could better serve itself by putting a fence around Disney Woke-World given that Florida&

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Biden's student loan debt plan can't wait any longer

Will Joe Biden forgive student debt? If federal student loans are cancelled, it could be a boon to Democrats in the midterms, which the GOP would prevent.

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Millions behind on student loan payments being offered fresh start. What to know

The Biden administration announced an extension on student loan payments until August 31 as well as a fresh start for default and delinquent loan accounts.

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Navient agrees to $1.85B student loan settlement with states

Navient has agreed to a $1.85 billion settlement with nearly 40 states in an effort to resolve allegations of predatory lending and deceptive practices.

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President Biden cancels $1 billion in student loan debt

Thursday's rollback of a Trump-era regulation will eliminate student loan debt for 72,000 student loan borrowers.

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Biden's student loan cancellation plan will cost taxpayers $1 trillion - COSAction

College students may be happy, but this executive order would harm the country as a whole.

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Scammed student sues Navient, asking for cancellation of debt he took on to attend for-profit college

The plaintiff and his mother, who co-signed on his private student loans, are still facing collection activity on what has grown to $69,000 in private...

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Retired, or Hoping to Be, and Saddled With Student Loans

When Patrick Donohue retired in May after a 20-year career in customer service at AT&T, he and his wife, Kay, didn't celebrate. Instead, they argued over which pension option was better: obtaining a large portion right away or scheduling small monthly

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Why people with student debt are refusing to repay it

People are going on strike against their student debt. Here's why.

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You Pay Monthly, But Your Student Debt Keeps Growing? Join The Crowd

A new report from Moody’s Investor Services finds almost half of student loan borrowers have made no progress towards reducing the balances that they started repayment with.

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Turns Out Bankruptcy Can Wipe Out Student Loan Debt After All

Many Americans who get overwhelmed by student loan debt are told student debt can't be erased through bankruptcy. Now more judges and lawyers say that's a myth and bankruptcy can help.

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Government Slams Shut Another Student Loan Assistance Company Over Deceptive Practices

The Federal Trade Commission has stopped a student loan debt relief scheme, alleging it bilked more than $23 million from thousands of consumers with false claims that it would service and pay down their student loans. After the FTC filed a complaint seek

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What Trump's Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Means For You

President Trump wants to change the future of higher education. Here's what it means for your student loans.

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This Woman 'Enrolled' In Student Loan Forgiveness -- And Then Learned This

She was depending on student loan forgiveness - and then was told this.

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How I Paid Off $31,000 Of Student Debt In Only Two Years

Paying it off took two years, but it was barely dented for the first six months. This was when I realized I had to make some drastic adjustments to ever whittle it down.

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These colleges will pay your student loan bills

A small but growing group of colleges are guaranteeing students that they'll help them pay their loan bills until they secure a well-paying job.