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Sundance Film Festival's influence, cash flow on the wane, insiders say

A variety of causes, from Utah's liquor laws to last year's disappointing crop of films, are to blame for what some insiders are painting as a Sundance in decline.

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What to Expect at This Year’s Sundance Film Festival

Independent cinema’s biggest event starts this week in Utah, kicking off the 2019 movie season.

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'Dazed and Confused' at Sundance: 12 things we learned

Dazed and Confused' finally got its chance to shine at Sundance. Here's what we learned during Richard Linklater's live commentary.

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The 25 Movies We're Most Excited to See at Sundance

Drama, documentaries, weird genre movies. Sundance has a lot to offer this year. Here are the movies we're most excited to see.

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The Most Highly Anticipated Films At The 2015 Sundance Film Festival

There are all kinds of movies for all kinds of people at this year's premier Park City-set independent film fest. Here they are, grouped by recurring themes.