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NAACP Bastardizes Texas Law To Ask DoJ To Interfere in State Process

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) urged the Department of Justice (DoJ) to launch an investigation...

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Here’s the Texas House sergeant at arms delivering arrest warrants to the 52 Democrats who fled the state

It would be better if the sergeant at arms had a battering ram or Taser or something.

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Texas Dems Try to Blame GOP For Their Abandonment Of The Process

Nearly two dozen Texas House Democrats who fled to Washington, DC, last month to stymie an election reform bill are suing top Republicans...

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Texas Democrats Disenfranchise Their Non-Aligned Constituents

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), said Democrat state lawmakers who abandoned a special session of the State Legislature to avoid voting on a...

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In Texas, Dems Play the Tired Refrain of 'Black People Can't Vote'

The Republican-led Texas Legislature inched towards passing several critical voting reform bills that prompted Democrat legislators to...

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Texas Governor Vetoes Pay for Legislators After Democrats Walkout to Avoid Vote

Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott (R), vetoed the portion of the state budget that funds the salaries of lawmakers, staffers, and legislative...