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Texas State Rep. Donna Howard actually thought she could get away with lying about Texas Dems’ private superspreader flight

donna howard

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Texas Dem Celebrated Volunteer Event With ID Requirements

One of the Texas Democrats who fled the state to protest a GOP-backed voter ID bill promoted an event that required park cleanup volunteers to provide multiple proofs of identification—standards the lawmakers have declared onerous and racist.

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Kamala Harris Visits Walter Reed For ‘Routine Appointment’ Days After Meeting COVID-Positive Texas Dems

Vice President Kamala Harris made a previously unannounced visit to Walter Reed Medical Center Sunday for a “routine doctor’s appointment,” according to Fox News.

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Democrat Official Who Used Racist Slur Against Tim Scott Resigns But Democrats Reject His Resignation

The chairman of the Lamar County Democrats in Texas used a racial slur against Republican Senator Tim Scott last week, prompting calls for his resignation. Surprisingly, he resigned from his position and even apologized. FOX News reported: Texas Democrati