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Eyewitness Stories To The First Thanksgiving From The OG Pilgrims

These accounts of the first Thanksgiving at Plimoth Plantation in 1621 are, according to Pilgrim Hall Museum, the only two available primary sources about the event. Thanks to the “Brief History of Power” podcast for the source material. Listen to last ye

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Dennis Prager: The Quintessential American Holiday

Thanksgiving is not a Christian holiday. It's not a Jewish holiday. It's the quintessential American holiday where people of every race, creed, color, and…

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10 Tips for Packaging and Transporting a Thanksgiving Feast

To prevent spilled dishes and spoiled perishables from ruining the meal, check out these tips for safely packing and transporting food to Thanksgiving dinner.

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The Food & Wine Guide to Thanksgiving

We've rounded up everything you need to pull off a feast to remember.

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10 Big Facts About Turkeys

Don’t be fooled by the rumors that turkeys are silly. These impressive birds are smarter than you think.

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Stores That Will Be Closed for Thanksgiving 2022

These companies decided not to open on Thanksgiving in 2022 so employees can celebrate Turkey Day with their families and friends.

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Thanksgiving: How to Make Boxed Stuffing Taste Better

It doesn’t take a complicated recipe to make stuffing from a box seem like you started from scratch.