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Chuck Yeager: Broken Ribs, Broom Handles, and Glamorous Glen. The Unbelievable True Story Of The Hero Who Broke The Sound Barrier

At the age of 97, retired U.S. Air Force Brigadier General pilot Chuck Yeager died on December 7th 2020. His wife, Victoria Yeager, announced his passing.

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Chuck Yeager, US test pilot and 1st to break sound barrier, dies at 97

Born in West Virginia in 1923, Yeager rose to fame as a fighter pilot in World War II and, in 1947, was the first person to break the sound barrier.

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Why Chuck Yeager Might Be the Greatest Pilot of All Time

Before Yeager did it, people thought it was impossible to break the sound barrier in flight. So how did he do it? And what other amazing feats did he accomplish?

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Walt Disney, Space, and The Right Stuff

Disney culture is filled with interesting coincidences, inspirations, and connections—one of the most remarkable and surprising is the influence of Walt Disney himself on the U.S. space program. That stimulus certainly raised public awareness and

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The Right Stuff on Disney Plus review: Mad Men meets First Man

Meet the Mercury 7, the real-life playboy flyboys bedhopping their way into space in Nat Geo's new drama.

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'The Right Stuff' blasts off for a Veterans Day screening in Hollywood

Classic Hollywood: Philip Kaufman talks about his epic 'The Right Stuff' before a Veterans Day screening in Hollywood

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Vintage photos of NASA Apollo astronauts training in Hawaii

In the 1960s and 1970s, NASA astronauts spent time training in the moon-like volcanic landscape of Hawaii's Big Island; the Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems dug out fantastic photos from NASA's archives (thanks, Bob Pescovitz!).

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Relive Alan Shepard's Harrowing Trip to Space With a View From His Cockpit

53 years ago today, Alan Shepard became the second human to visit space. The first person in space, Russian Yuri Gagarin, completed an orbit of the Earth almost a month before Shepard's 15-minute voyage. Gagarin's craft was fully automated, but Shepard had some control over the Freedom 7...