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The 'Hidden' Theater in London's Alexandra Palace Is Reopening After 80 Years

Once a 19th century technological marvel, the theater will finally be capable of holding performances again.

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Michael Shannon, 'Shape of Water' villain, watches Oscars at Chicago dive bar | Chicago Sun-Times

He wore a puffy coat and sat on a barstool at the Old Town Ale House, one of his favorite Chicago hangouts.

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The tragedy of the Ramones gets rewritten for the theater - LA Times

“I think punk rock needs an ‘Amadeus,’ ” says actor-turned playwright John Ross Bowie, referencing Peter Shaffer’s 1979 drama chronicling the tension between Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri.

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Hitch Theaters will let you enjoy movie night almost anywhere

This new Kickstarter campaign will let you watch Into the Wild...in the actual wild.

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New York Theatre Ballet Gambles on Young Dance-Makers

Rarely these days do ballet companies place large bets on emerging choreographers, particularly female choreographers. Rarely do the East and Left Coasts of dance acknowledge each other's existence.

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'Dear John Hughes' coming to Chicago, a show celebrating his movies

A multi-media, concert-style show designed to celebrate the movies of the late John Hughes — including such nostalgic titles as “Sixteen Candles,” “The Breakfast Club,” “Weird Science,”

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Itzhak Perlman and Other Classical Musicians on Navigating the Stage With a Disability - WSJ

Itzhak Perlman is one of a handful of New York-based classical musicians with coming concerts who have navigated substantial careers amid significant health challenges.

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Robin Williams' childhood friends recall his days in Lake Forest

Growing up in Lake Forest in the early 1960s, Renee Hodgen Daley recalls being mesmerized by her older brother's pack of friends, in particular an especially funny pal, Robin Williams .

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The Best Things to Do in Chicago This August, in One Giant List

Music, art, theatre, and a legendary parade—there’s more happening than we can even count this month.

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Ten For Ward: 10 Star Trek Episodes That Can Work As Stage Plays

News - Which 10 Trek episodes would work as stage plays? Dayton Ward contemplates that very question in his latest StarTrek.com guest blog.