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They lived inside Disneyland. Their house is still at the park today.

Owen and Dolly Pope lived full-time at Disneyland from 1955 to 1971, taking care of the park's livestock. Their house is still on the property today.

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9 Fun Facts About Knott’s Berry Farm

From its humble beginnings as a tiny berry farm to its current status as one of Southern California’s premier family theme parks, Knott’s Berry Farm has a rich history.

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The failed Disneyland Park successor that beer helped kill

St. Louis wanted Disney for its downtown project Riverfront Square. What they got was a mess.

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One-of-a-kind Disneyland items going up for sale in historic auction

A massive lot of Disneyland history and memorabilia will be available for auction for the first time.

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Ways You've Been Fooled At Walt Disney World & Disneyland

If you think about it, Disney is amazingly good at fooling people. Sometimes it’s for good, like when they want to enhance our experience in a park, and sometimes it’s…

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The Oldest Disneyland Rides from 1955 to Today

Stacker compiled a list of every Disneyland attraction open in the park as of 2021 using real-time data from Touring Plans.

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The 10 most expensive Disneyland items in auction featuring 800 theme park collectibles

Van Eaton Galleries in Sherman Oaks will hold the ‘Walt Disney: The Man, the Studio and the Parks’ virtual auction on Saturday, Dec. 5.

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Layoffs, A Halloween Surprise, And Changes To Disney’s Most Popular Attraction

Disney layoffs hit performers and entertainment, Universal debuts surprise Beetlejuice Halloween Horror Nights house, and Rise of the Resistance changes process.

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Marc Davis: The Imagineer Who Crafted Modern Disney Parks

The work of legendary Imagineer Marc Davis is still felt at Disney theme parks to this day.

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Early designs for Disneyland's monorail show how different the popular attraction could have looked

"The Disney Monorail: Imagineering a Highway in the Sky" shows rare concept art and designs of the popular mode of transportation inside the parks.

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Eating Our Way Through 65 Years of Disney Theme Parks

The ever-evolving, always-enticing food stands and eateries at Disney theme parks have become can’t-miss stops—offering everything from fully immersive experiences to high-end dishes prepared by world-renowned chefs. But it hasn’t always been that way.

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7 Disney landmarks inspired by places around the world

Walt Disney's travels, most notably to Denmark's Tivoli Gardens and Germany's Neuschwanstein Castle, had a direct influence on Disneyland's aesthetic.

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Theme parks’ post-pandemic world: 5 changes to expect

Change is barreling toward Orlando’s theme parks and attractions, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Adjustments will be made in many ways — perhaps in every way — experts and analysts say.

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41 Insane Facts You Definitely Don't Know About Disneyland

From details about the park's history to downright crazy things you never knew, these are the wildest facts all Disneyland-lovers should know.

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19 Disney World Restaurants That Are Actually Great - Thrillist

All that adrenaline makes for a big appetite -- but where are the best spots for food and drink at Disney World?

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The Urban Legend About Scattering Human Ashes at Disney Is True, and It's Worse Than We Thought

For at least 11 years, an unnerving story has made the rounds on Disney fan blogs: people regularly scatter the ashes of loved ones at Disneyland and Disney World. Well, today, the Wall Street Journal has confirmed the urban legend. And we’re not talkin

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Vintage Disneyland photos show the park in the summer of 1969

Take a trip back in time with these pictures of Disneyland from the summer of 1969. See what's different and what stayed pretty much the same at the beloved California park.

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Disneyland In The Summer of 1957: Bernie McCormick Reflects on the Most Magical Place on Earth

There was Disneyland in California. The author recalls the early years of the original Disney theme park.

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10 Head-Spinning Facts About Disney's Mad Tea Party Ride | Mental Floss

To celebrate its 61st year in operation, find out what you need to know about Disneyland's famous Mad Tea Party ride.

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20 Haunting Photos of Disney's Abandoned Water Park | Mental Floss

Forty years after opening, Walt Disney's first water park has been "left to slowly decay and to succumb to Mother Nature."

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18 Wonderful And Rare Color Photos Of Disneyland In 1955

These magical vintage pictures of Disneyland, during its first year, will make you wish you had a time machine...

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Disney U.S. parks to change pricing for the first time in 60 years

The changes are supposed to make the park more magical, but only at the non-peak times of year.

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Disneyland ride enhancements to arrive for 60th anniversary celebration - LA Times

Disneyland has already unveiled plans for a new fireworks show, a parade and "sparkling" features on two of its iconic buildings as part of the park's 60th anniversary celebration this summer.

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12 Things That Will Surprise You About Universal Studios Hollywood | Mental Floss

Not willing to play second fiddle to that other theme park (seriously, who allows their business to be run by a rodent?), Universal Studios Hollywood has its own set of hidden gems within its walls. In honor of the park's 50th anniversary year—that's right, it's turning the big 5-0—here's a rundown of fascinating tidbits you never knew about Universal Studios Hollywood.

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‘Star Wars’ Theme Park Attractions to Be Based on New Films, Not Old (EXCLUSIVE) | Variety

Two years after buying Lucasfilm for $4 billion, Disney is starting to reveal just how “Star Wars” will be integrated into the company’s theme parks.

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Video: Magic Mountain's Colossus Roller Coaster To Be Reborn As Modern Hybrid 'Twisted Colossus': LAist

Magic Mountain's Colossus will ride once again, as the theme park will revive the classic wooden coaster with a more modern and thrilling style in 2015.