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Austin Powers-style Chicago condo untouched since the 1970s hits the market | Daily Mail Online

The penthouse, built in 1972, was first put up for sale in 2012 but only received moderate interest at the time. Its original wallpapers and furniture have now caught the eye of potential buyers.

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10 Already Obsolete Things Included in the 5000-Year Westinghouse Time Capsule | Mental Floss

The site of the 1939 World’s Fair is home to a time capsule that was put in the ground in 1938 and is due to be unearthed and opened in the year 6939. The “Immortal Well” that houses the capsule is located in the Westinghouse Pavilion of the fairgrounds in Queens, New York, and remains untouched to this day.

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MFA Opens the Paul Revere, Sam Adams Time Capsule - This Day in History - Boston.com

The second historic Boston time capsule to emerge in months, a Revere-era time bundle discovered in a cornerstone of the Massachusetts State House on December 11, was revealed to the public today during a press conference at the Museum of Fine Arts.