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Apple Touch ID could return to iPhones in 2020 with an updated touchscreen

Apple's new series of 2019 iPhones are on their way, with an impending possible reveal for next week on September 10. Before anyone can even get properly excited about their launch, however, Bloomberg is already on the ball, spilling tea on some of…

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This is why you can't use Touch ID to log in to your iPhone after rebooting

In the 14 months since Touch ID launched, it has become a standout feature of the iPhone and iPad line of devices. It makes paying for apps easier than ever, it's a shift toward enhanced mobile sec...

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Apple's Touch ID privacy flaw just got worse

When Apple launched its Touch ID fingerprint sensor, it had a troublesome flaw, but now that the company is allowing the sensor to be used by outside developers, that problem has potentially metast...