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Beware of Toxic Spices: Heavy Metals Found in Major Brand Names

Four lawsuits have been filed over the last two years over significant levels of toxic heavy metals in ...

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Millions May Be Exposed To Potentially Harmful Nitrate Levels In Drinking Water - Study Finds

Millions of Americans face exposure to elevated nitrate levels in their drinking water, a study finds, which puts them at greater risk of developing health problems.

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Plastics Used to Store Your Food Might Decrease Fertility

Though research done on humans is limited (and hard to draw conclusions from), what exists does suggest that plastics used to store and serve our food and drinks are having a negative impact on our health.

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Chemicals in food may harm children, pediatricians' group says :: WRAL.com

A major pediatricians' group is urging families to limit the use of plastic food containers, cut down on processed meat during pregnancy and consume more whole fruits and vegetables rather than processed food. Such measures would lower children's exposure

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Removing shoes when entering the house could help people stay slim, scientists claim

Removing shoes when entering the house and swapping carpet for wooden floors could help people stay slim because it prevents environmental chemicals accumulating in the house, scientists have claimed.

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Toxic Mold and Your Pet: Don't Ignore This Deadly Threat

Pet can easily come into contact with molds and show signs of toxicity that include nasal discharge, sneezing, GI issues, itchiness and fur loss.

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Canada's C. Difficile Toxin-Sniffing Dog

Angus the dog who works with his handler at a hospital in Vancouver is Canada's first certified clostridium difficile sniffing dog.

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Top Toxins to Avoid

What are the worst toxins we're exposed to in our daily lives? Here's a list of the worst environmental toxins with information about how to avoid them.

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The World's 17 Most Dangerous Foods

Talk about the last supper! Eating these foods could possibly kill you. Try them at your own risk!

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The Sleeping Position That's Best for Brain Health?

While you're sleeping, your brain restores, recharges and cleanses itself of brain toxins. Research has found the best sleeping position for this.

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