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Tree Of Life Rabbi Sees A ‘Warm And Personal Side’ To Trump During Meeting | Daily Wire

Rabbi Jeffrey Myers, head of the Tree of Life synagogue where 11 innocent Jewish Americans were gunned down this past week by a white supremacist, says he was "pleasantly surprised" by President Trump's warmth during their meeting this week.

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Prager: What the Tree of Life Synagogue Massacre Means

The dishonest now have the Pittsburgh massacre to blame on Trump.

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Why We Cling To The Tree Of Life

On Saturday, in a constantly-repeating story as old as the Jewish people, a Jew-hating murderer decided to slaughter as many Jews as possible. This murderer shouted the slogan of Jew-haters throughout time: “All Jews must die.”

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The Slaughter in Pittsburgh, A Jewish Perspective

Based on the early evidence, the shooter was not only consumed with a hatred of Jews but possessed a kind of sneering contempt for Trump on the grounds that Trump was basically a Jewish agent or a Jew-lover himself. View Post

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The Kabalistic Tree of Life