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Trump Is Now One With Countless Essential Workers - American Greatness

Joe Biden has redefined mask wearing. It is now the thinking man’s patriotism, what every “scientific” and “refined” mind naturally does. Biden, the media…

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Left Falsely Claims Trump’s Treatments Developed Using Fetal Tissue

Leftwing media falsely claim treatments Trump was given for the coronavirus infection were developed using fetal tissue from aborted babies.

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Left's Response To Trump's 'Don't Be Afraid' Emphasizes They Want Fear

We can't have people prudent about COVID, or rational about COVID, or thoughtful, or courageous about COVID. That does not produce the social outcomes that these people want. Being scared of COVID does.

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Media Spent Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis Pushing Conspiracy Theories About Photos Of Trump Working, His Health, Commonly Prescribed Drug

Media outlets spent the weekend following President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis pushing irresponsible and biased reports that stood out within an

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Trump Releases New Positive Video Following Hospital Stay: Don’t Live In Fear

President Trump released a video message on Monday following his release from Walter Reed, telling people not to live in fear of the pandemic.

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Corporate Media Is Vomiting Trump Coronavirus Reporting All Over The Bed

The news cycle over Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis illustrates yet again how destructive corporate media are to unity and a clear understanding of reality.

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MSNBC Host Suggests Trump Faking COVID ‘To Get Out Of Debates’

MSNBC host Joy Reid has suggested that President Donald Trump faked his COVID-19 diagnosis to "get out of the debates." "Here’s how wrecked Trump’s

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SNL: Chris Rock and Jim Carrey mock Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis; push leftist agenda throughout SNL

Saturday Night Live mock President Trump's positive COVID-19 diagnosis with Chris Rock and Jim Carrey as Joe Biden recreating the presidential debate. Push politics and leftist agenda with RBG tribute and Megan Thee Stallion calls out Daniel Cameron for B

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Medical Experts Gave Green Light For Trump To Go On Short Drive Outside Walter Reed Medical Center, WH Says

Medical experts reportedly deemed President Trump's brief trip outside of Walter Reed as being "safe" after the proper precautions were taken.

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Poll Taken After Trump’s Diagnosis Finds Biden Only Leading By 2

The day after it was revealed that Trump had coronavirus, a new poll from John Zogby Strategies was taken, and it showed something startling.

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Ilhan Omar Attacks Trump After COVID-19 Diagnosis: He’s ‘Actively Spreading A Deadly Virus,’ Is A ‘Risk’ To Public Health

Omar attacked Trump Friday afternoon, saying that he was "actively spreading a deadly virus" and that he was a "risk" to public health.