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David Schoen's Water Drinking And The Hypocrisy Of The Closed-Minded "Open-Minded" People

Why is making fun of people's religious practices still OK in 2021? We supposedly got to a point about inclusivity and diversity .

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A Leap or Perpetuating Evel? A Response To Sen. Chris Coons – JONATHAN TURLEY

  I have long respected Sen. Chris Coons (D, Del.) as a highly intelligent and effective senator.  I was surprised today to be watching Michael Smercomish (who I also respect greatly) to hear Sen. Coons following the party line in arguing implausibly th

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Alan Dershowitz Says He Will Not Take Any Payment for Work on Trump’s Impeachment Defense Team

Attorney Alan Dershowitz said that he does not plan to accept any payments for work on President Donald Trump's impeachment defense team.