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54 Nationwide Injunctions Issued Against Admin Since Trump Took Office: DOJ

DOJ: Federal judges have issued nearly 55 nationwide injunctions against the Trump administration since President Donald Trump took office in 2017.

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Why Many of Today's News Reporters Believe It Is Their Duty to Lie to You

Commentary President Donald Trump rolled out a new immigration plan in a press conference held at the White ...

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The Paid-Propaganda-as-News Scam

Commentary One of the biggest dirty secrets of the DNC Media Complex is that, for some time now, ...

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New Documents Suggest The Steele Dossier Was A Setup For Trump

After nearly two years since the Steele dossier was published, it remains the cornerstone of the case for collusion. It has also prompted other operations.

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Obama DOJ Treated Clinton and Trump Unequally, House Probe Concludes

The Justice Department (DOJ) under President Barack Obama treated Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump differently in 2016 and ...

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‘Trump Imitation Syndrome’ is afflicting the president’s liberal enemies

The malady known as Trump Derangement Syndrome is marked by a sudden explosion of crazy talk and sometimes actions coming from people formerly regarded as sane. Its sufferers, most, but not all, li…

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Leaked video shows Google co-founder compare Trump voters 'fascists' | Daily Mail Online

Google co-founder Sergey Brin can be seen on stage in front of hundreds of employees saying he was 'deeply offended' by Trump's election and that it 'conflicts with many of Google's values.'