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Pentagon Anticipating More Attacks by Iran and Proxies

Iran, or the forces it backs, may be planning additional attacks on American presence in the Middle East, ...

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Trump’s ‘Failures’

It is popular on the NeverTrump Right and everyone on the Left to claim that President Trump has “failed” as we head into an election year. But his supposed failures are instructive. Take the wall.…

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The Legacy of Low-Bar Impeachment

Since the embarrassing impeachment and failed conviction of President Andrew Johnson in 1868, Americans more or less had avoided that ultimate constitutional method of removing a chief executive from power. The Johnson impeachment had been so steeped in p

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At the UN, Trump rightly stands up for national sovereignty

"If you want freedom, take pride in your country,” President Trump told the United Nations on Tuesday. “If you want democracy, hold onto sovereignty. And if you want peace, love your nation.”

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US Steel Cites Trump in Resuming Construction Project

U.S. Steel Corp. will restart construction on an idled manufacturing facility in Alabama, and it gave some of the credit to Trump’s trade policies.