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Tufts University Student Group Honors Palestinian 'Martyrs'—Including Hamas Terrorists Who Died Attacking Israel

A Tufts University student group on Wednesday unveiled a campus display honoring the names of Palestinian "martyrs"—including known Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists who died while attacking Israeli soldiers.

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Tufts University event series separates 'white' faculty from 'BIPOC' colleagues

A Massachusetts university is hosting separate events for faculty and staff this fall tailored for either "BIPOC" individuals or "white participants."

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Tufts University To Offer 'Colonizing Palestine' Course. Pro-Israel Students Fire Back.

Tufts University in Massachusetts is facing criticism from pro-Israel students for offering a course this upcoming fall 2018 semester titled “Colonizing Palestine,” which will discuss “the Israeli state which illegally o

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‘Destroy Israeli Forces, Free Palestine’ Posters Target Hillel Building at Tufts University

A poster found outside the Hillel building at Tufts University. Photo: Naftali Brawer. About two dozen offensive posters were found …