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Simple Yet Refined Tuna Sandwich Recipe

Perfect for a quick and nourishing lunch, this refined tuna sandwich goes beyond the basics with an infusion of herbs, arugula, and top-notch sourdough bread

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The Ultimate Tuna Melt Recipe | Bon Appétit

Everything you love about a classic tuna melt, complete with celery, red onion, capers, and your favorite well-melting cheese (American or cheddar, your call).

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23 Delicious Canned Tuna Recipes That Will Surprise You

These canned tuna recipes make it easy to impress dinner party guests (and yourself).

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Tuna Pasta with Capers in White Wine Sauce | SimplyRecipes.com

Pasta served with a sauce made with oil-packed canned tuna, onions, capers, white wine, and parsley.

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Retired Army general catches 877-pound bluefin tuna, breaks state record | Fox News

A Delaware man reeled in a massive, 877-pound bluefin tuna in March -- and ultimately set a new record for bluefin tuna in North Carolina, the state’s Division of Marine Fisheries announced on Monday.

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What is Maguro – Otoro, Chutoro and Akami explained

What is Maguro ? Find out all you want to know about Bluefin Maguro Sashimi in this article and about eating good sashimi in Japan