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The Important Difference Between Sympathy and Empathy

Effective leadership is all about understanding which tool to use at the right time.

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Understanding After Doing - The Daily Dose of Jewish Wisdom

At Sinai, we declared, “We will do and we will understand!”

Angels descended from heaven and placed two crowns upon our heads.

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What We Need to Get Through This - Workplace Coach Blog

What we need to get through this. Working together. Healing ourselves first.

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If You Knew the True Story - Workplace Coach Blog

If you knew the true story you'd understand

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The Rising Sun & Horoscope History of Astrology | Continuation Pt 2

Reading your Horoscope is great if you want to be lied to; instead read your rising sign. Most people don’t even know what a rising sign (ascendant) is. I hear this all the time… Well I…

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The Least Helpful Thing to Say to Someone Who's Down

When trying to comfort someone going through difficult times, we must consider numerous details to decide how to best help them. If we choose the wrong social support tactic, our attempts to help can have the opposite effect.

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'The Backwards Brain Bicycle - Smarter Every Day 133' on ViewPure

It took me 8 months to learn how to do this, but I was only picking up the bike and running to the end of the driveway and back every day. I wasn't 'ACTIVELY' trying to learn. Meaning... I wasn't struggling and trying to make my brain learn.